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My assumption is that you aren't here because you're interested in a flashy wedding video. One that feels a lot like a production or a movie set.
The beauty of film is that it does not seek perfection. 
Film captures the emotion and the day exactly how it is. The huge smiles of belly laughter or the gentle tears of witnessing a precious moment. These are captured so timelessly on super 8 film, and my hope is to give you a film to treasure for decades to come.



the day

Whether a wedding day or an afternoon in your home, I believe these moments are sacred and are worthy of being captured and preserved beautifully. This is why I often step back to simply document. I look for the light and I will open a curtain or angle you when necessary, or prompt you with a pose, but for the most part I am simply there to be a storyteller. 
One of the best parts of film videography is that the setup is simple. I arrive with a couple of cameras and maybe a small light, so I can stay inconspicuous and capture the day without anything to get in the way.



a little bit about me

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I've been photographing weddings in Tennessee and worldwide since 2014, and added film videography to my repertoire in 2020. I've been fascinated by photography and film since I was little, making pinhole cameras at my kitchen table, and after years of working under Nashville professionals and investing in online photography education, I graduated college and became a full-time wedding photographer and videographer. I've been playing with different types of 8mm film and have invested in learning from some incredible cinematographers since I began, and it has been an absolute gift. 

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I grew up in Knoxville and moved to Nashville for college, where I actually studied music and theology. I stayed for the friends and the wedding industry, but I'm always traveling outside of Tennessee.
I live in a neighborhood close to downtown, giving me the best of both worlds: sweet neighbors and gardens and families, just a quick walk away from the heart of the city. 
I work out of a studio that I share with a good friend of mine, which is an incredible space for personal work and for indoor sessions. It's full of plants, just like my home.

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Living in Nashville & traveling the world

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I've always loved mountains, growing up just outside of the Smokies and getting to see them every day of my life there. I studied abroad in Chile in 2016 which only deepened my love for hiking and backpacking.

In 2021 I started rock climbing, and that was the best decision. It's been so much fun to explore a new way of enjoying the outdoors, and it's connected me with so many incredible people. My boyfriend and I spend almost all of our weekends in Chattanooga bouldering (always with a film camera in hand).

the creative stuff >

On off days, you can find me outside.

I started playing the piano when I was young and went to college on a scholarship for the viola. I started writing in college and when I graduated, my incredibly talented friends pushed me to record and release songs! They're simple, just little life snapshots, if you will.

Beyond music, I'm always looking for a creative outlet. Most recently I've fallen in love with ceramics. I took pottery classes at my community center and I can't get enough of it. Hoping to have a home studio someday.

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Music and pottery, my extra creative outlets

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"There are not enough words to describe how talented Jamie is at her job! Thank you for capturing the little impromptu moments of my fiancé and I during our engagement shoot"

- Kelsey S

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